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      The Information about Koh Payam

There are the various version of the legend of the Koh Payam’s name.

Firstly, in the past Koh Payam was called Koh Payam that come from the word "Por yam" that mean equal to a  yam ( yam ia about 4 hour ) At that time,  when you want to reach this island , it takes time for the journey about 4 hour and then the word poryam was slightly change  into Payam .

Secondly, from the story of the islanders said that, the word Payam comes from Phayayam ( in Thai Phayayam means effort ) there are many trouble in the past time that you have to accompany with the villagers’ fishing boat to this island , no taxi boat that we cannot know when will be  available .

It was very inconvenient to go there, so you have to effort enough to go to this island.

Originally the most inhabitant on Koh Payam were Muslim

After that , in 1957,  when the government gave the pearl oyster farming concession to Mr. Sampao Sirisampan . It cause the former inhabitants were immigrated to Baan Changhak , Tambon Ratchakrut, Muang district, Ranong . Then, no Muslim on  Koh Payam any longer .

When the concession is discontinued there are new arrival people from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

On Koh Payam has the variety   in ecosystem there are lots of wildlife which  inhabit namely  Horn bill bird, sea  Eagle monkey wild boar . On the other hand, there are fine white sand and clear sea liked Samui in 20 years ago.

On Koh Payam there are public healthcare school and temple which has the Ubosatha hall  located in the sea near the pier

Location:  Tambon Koh Payam is the Tambon that belong to Muang district of Ranong located in Andaman sea in southwest of Muang district it’s far from the Ranong’s mouth of the river 33 Kilometers.

Area : total 34.7 square kilometer ( 21,683.17 Rai ) subdivided into 2 village the first village is Baan Koh Payam 16.60 Square kilometers ( 10,371.981) . Second village is Baan Koh Chang 18.10 skm ( 11,311,190 Rai ) .

The topography : Koh Payam is the large island contain Mountain there are mixed deciduous forest  there are residence of many kind of wild animal like monkey wild boar and various kind of bird especially hornbill bird which is the bird that there are many number both of Koh Payam and Koh Chang.

The highest part of this island raises 224 meters above sea level  from the area around the island has many beach and the mangrove forest- in the inside/within of the east beach .  ecosystem

Coral reef settle densely in the wing of the beach both north bay and south bay

There are the beaches that play important role in the tourism business part are follow

  1. Ao Mae mai located in the east of Koh Phyam the beach is 400 Meter length the Payam pier located on this bay
  1. Ao Kao Kwai located on South west of this island 3.5 km. length there are the sunset spot view
  1. Ao Yai located on south west of Koh Payam 4 km. length

It is popular place that the tourist  like to go to sunbathing here and watch the sunset
Besides this 3 bay, there are several bay on koh Payam namely Ao Hin Kao, Ao Pai, Ao muk, Ao Kai Tao, Ao Chao lae , Ao Kor

The boundary

From the north : it’s  close Burma and area of Tambol Paknam Muang district Ranong Province

South : close  to Chai Mountain and Moungkoang Canal the Ratchakrut Muang Ranong Rong province
East : close  to the mangrove forest of Tambon Ngao

West : close to Andaman sea

Administrative unit :

Tambon ( small ……………Koh Payam subdivided into 2 villages contains 425 households and 834 inhabitants further subdivided into the first village is Baan Koh Payam contains 280 Households 521 inhabitants and the second one is Baan Koh Chang contains145 households 313 inhabitants
On Koh Payam there are Morken ( Chao Lae ) in the area of Ao kao Kwai 20 households 73 inhabitants

Public utilities :
The electricity in solar sell system and the water supply in some area
The communication :
Koh Payam has privately  post office and there are not so many mails there.

The telephone system on Koh Payam it can use the mobile phone in GSM and Dtac network.

The service of basic telephone is TOT which via radio wave. Most of them install at community residence and bungalow
The social aspect
1. Baan Koh Payam school , Koh Payam monk institute , public health center, police fort

The security
The area of Tambon administration is in the responsibility of muang Ranong police station
The villager live together  liked the brotherhood and everyone know each other  there are no outsider , there are no problem about the security

The main occupation of people on Koh Payam

The tourism activity business , cashew nut and rubber farming, fishing

The transportation

Koh Payam has no wide road for the car only the track for the motorbike or bike available

The best time to visit there.

Normally it is possible to travel to Koh Payam all the year but the best period to visit is November – April.


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