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The good room at Aow Yai beach

The overall activities

Swimming, fishing, motorbike and bike riding around the island , snorkeling , diving, join the nightlife, watching the sun slipping into the sea at Aow Yai and Aow Kao Kwai ( Aow = bay) , learning the lifestyle of islanders and Moken

Bird watching
The hornbill bird can be found on this island . Hornbill is regarded as the largest bird of tropical forest. Some hornbill has a protruding casque on the upper mandible that makes the image of hornbill fascinating .The plumage of hornbills is typically black, white. On the upper rim of hornbill’s eyes there are the flat and beautiful long eyelash. The hornbill’s call is loud and when the large hornbill fly, it results the loudly sound like a steam locomotive

Horn bill bird

Around Koh Payam there are the place where are rich of fish especially the area of the fake coral ,Koh Sao Tong and the nearby  island namely Koh  Chang , Koh Sin Hai, numerous fish can be found  namely grouper , snapper, barracuda , black snapper, king mackerel, Sala , Kamong . You can hire the private boat to go fishing . The price is about 2000 THB .Contact your bungalow or the islanders for more information.

Please, See detail in Dive site menu.

Please, See detail in Dive site menu.

The eatery divided into 2 zones  

  1. The eateries on the way to Ao Yai . along the road from Payam school to smile bungalow has the restaurants, noodle vendors , Bakery shop, bar etc.
  2. The eateries in the pier area the are some eateries for instance the vendor sell Chinese style noodle, Kanom Jeen ( Thai rice noodle eaten with curry ) , Kao Soi ( Thai northern style noodle )

The recommend food is freshly fish and the must – items are the dishes which are based on shrimp. The shrimp and fish here is fresh and the price is cheap because  local fisherman catch them themselves.

You can buy seafood from them and it is possible to bring that fresh seafood to a eatery to cook for you. The recommend place is Nui’s restaurant which is located between the pier far about 100 meters on the way to Mae Mai beach. It’s worthwhile to try  shrimp – based dished for example Tom Yam shrimp, grilled shrimp , fresh shrimp in fish sauce ( serve with the chilled crunchy vegetable ). The last dish is suitable for the small shrimp .

Shrimp is the local  product that be sent to sell at Ranong . It can be guaranteed for the natural freshness. The normal size of shrimp usually 20 shrimps per 1 kilogram. On the other hand, sometimes the fisherman cannot catch shrimp because of the weather condition ( the high tide, low tide and unclear sea involved in catching shrimp ) However, you can order other items which are readily available on the menu . The deliciousness is good also.

The nightlife of visitor on Koh Payam taking part in Ao Yai area . There are many place and the bar  look fascinating and natural. The visitors usually chill out there watching the sun slipping into the sea with beer in one hand in the Ao Yai area . The dinner is followed and then pleased themselves by the fire show.

The attractive place

The Moken village , the Ubosatha hall of Wat Koh Payam which is situated  in the sea .

Moken or Chao Lae / Chao Nam
Moken or Chao Lae / Chao nam is the people wander through Andaman sea . There are well knows as “ sea gypsie ”. They live in the boat , boat is their home.
They travel from island to island in the area between Thailand and Myanmar. Some Moken can speak Yawee and Thai language . Moken children are familiar to the sea at very young age. Some Moken children can learn how to swim in the same time to walk. Moken parent can let the children paddle alone with out taking care of.

Moken has been tied with the sea for many century, They are expert in sailing, find direction by the star, wind, and wave, including diving and seeking the food from marine. Moken have knowledge about the character of fish and various plant in the forest. They believe in ghost, ancestor spirit

At present Moken inhabit at Ao Kao Kwai there are a few household but many Moken can be found on Koh Lao, Ranong province

Mokarn,Chao Nam,Chao Lae

Wat Koh Payam ( Wat = temple )
Wat koh Payam is located at Ao Mae Mai 200 meters far from the pier. It is very significant, when you are on boat although the boat doesn’t place at the pier yet its visibly outstanding majestic can be shown to you. We might regard Wat Koh Payam is the symbol of this island . This “wat” has the “ Utakkakhepasiˉ maˉ ” it means the ubosatha hall in the water that the  Buddha had mentioned in the Buddha period.  It is the Ubosatha hall  in the sea which there is the Buddha image in walking feature . Nowadays the committee of this temple build the Sangajai ( the priest refers to good luck )and Luang Pu Tuad ( the respectable senior priest from Pattani Province) statue  in the temple area . The surrounding at this temple is shady and suitable for relaxing. Thus, this Wat is the place that we shouldn’t miss.

phayam temple