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Ranong Governor's grave

This Chinese grave locate on Rakang Thong Hill, Tambon Bang Non Amphoe Muang , Ranong. The chinese grave of Phrayadamrongsujaritmahitsornpakdi
( Kho Su Chiang ) , was built in 1883 on a piece of land dedicated by King Rama V to honor the Na Ranong family. Kho Su Chiang made innumerable benefitan to this country The building and sculpture at this grave was made from the Chinese granite and meaning the granite pillar on the left hand side has the Chinese letter that mean Ranong is the appropriated geography that has the rugged mountain range can protect the country. Moreover, the people are in peacefulness. At the right hand side pillar there are Chinese alphabet mean Ranong has gold water , it is the source to earn the living and there are beautiful geography and it is motherland of genius

Goat image sculpture means wealthy.

Tiger image sculpture means power.

Horse image sculpture means servant.

Military noble man means the noble who is fight for the country.

Civilian noble man means the nobleman who do the work for royal.