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Raksawarin Hot Spring

Following the Highway 4005 ( Chon Ra-u Road ) along Haad Som Pan canal, this hot spring is far about 1 kilometer from Muang Ranong local government area . The natural spring pools , which the temperature of the water in the pools hover about 50-65Celcious degree, consist of 3 pools namely father pool, mother pool and child pool . The father pool is the largest pool , which there are water always overflow from the edge of pool . Raksawarin located on there are the bridge combine the 2 side of this arboretum .

This hot spring has been analyzed from The Department of Science Service that contain of important mineral and the hot spring in Ranong is the only one source of Thailand that no sulfur admix that no fragment of Sulfur and it is pure and can be drink from the source that no need to filter ( POTABLE HOT Spring ) it’s rarely found , only few source in the world.

At this park the bathing room are provided and the bathing spa service by the natural hot spring from Siam Hot Spa , whish there are bathing room , steam room and sauna and massage fitness available further information : contact Siam Hot Spa that service hour is 08.00 – 22.00 daily, Tel: 077-813551-4 or