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Koh Chang

The interesting activities for the visitor on Koh Chang
Walking to the view point of Koh Chang , it takes times about 3-4 hours which have to be lead by the officer , the fee for tour guide is 100 THB each person for the group is 300 THB.

Koh Chang is the place that are the source of many fish namely yellow baracuda , black baracuda, Sala , Kamong . Visitor can cantact at the hotel that you stay.

Mountain bike riding
On the way you will pass cashew farm and shady rubber plantation mangrove forest and various kind and various color crab

Bird watching
There are many kind of bird on Koh Chang especially small sized hornbill, it is Orietal Peid hornbill called “Nok Gag” in Thai . The islanders don’t catch or shoot the hornbill that make this bird is tame It is easy to find the hornbill except only in March – April that time the hornbill make nest to feed their baby.

Herbal sauna
This activity is available at Koh Chang temple , which ancient herb be used .

How to go to Koh Chang
You can take the taxi boat from Ranong pier . it takes time about 1.5 hours the fee cost 150 THB . the boat departer from Tes-sa-ban Pier 9.30 ,12.00,14.00
There are the Accomadation more 20 Place ETC.
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