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Koh Song (Kawthaung)


Koh Song or Victoria point is the land in the union of Mynmar that opposite Thailand by Kraburi River separate 2 Country at Ranong Province center .The visitor who would like to travel there for seeing and shopping the local product and souvenir for example gems, wickerwork, lacquerware, the accessories from the shell and ivory , etc.

You can across over but must obtain a boarding card which can contact a Ranong Immigration office at the pier ( it is oposite ,Tes-sa-ban pier
(The pier to go payam island),) behine the petrol station.

The cost for visa steam about 10 US for go to Mynmar and Can get 15 or 30 day for stay in thailand when you come back. it is depand ,where are you from ?

The cost for taxi boat 50-100 baht/person/oneway or hire the private boat about 4-500 baht for 2 way