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Laem Son Natinal Park

The headquater of this national park is located at Bang Ben beach between Amphoe Muang and Amphoe Ka Pur that there are the intersection, turn right there at Km.. to Natinal park It is one of the national park cover the area of Laem Son beach and the nearboring islands it is shady by natural pine trees. It is the inhabitance of birds, the white and beach is long and wide . It is beautiful scenery. Laem Son National marine park cover total area of 196,875 rai or 315 sqaure kilometers.
Due to situating at west coast of southern of Thailand , the impact of southwest monsoon make Ranong has a lot of rain and almost of province . In winter the weather is not so cool cause it's far from the impact of winter but sometimes there are rain cause of the north east monsoon that pass Gulf of Thailand lead the rain smaller than the province that is southeast side .