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Ngaow National park

Ngaow National Park is located at Ngaow waterfall area at Moo 1 Tambon Ngao, Muang Ranong . Ngao waterfall National park can be reached by following Highway No. 4 ( Ranong – Ratchakrut ) for 13 kilometer then turn left at intersection that opposite Poo Kao Ya follow then road for about 700 meters . This waterfall is regard as the waterfall of this Province cause everyone who pass Ranong will see the waterfall which water drops over the high and steep cliff that is Khao Nom Sao, peaking at a height of 1089 meter above sea level.
Ngao waterfall national park cover a total area of approximately 417500 rai or 668 squarekilometers.
In Amphoe Muang, La-un , of Ranong and Amphoe Phato, Thung Tako, Lang Suan of Chumporn. The park's geography is rugged mountain range that stretching between 2 provinces. Moreover, Kao Nom Sao is a watershed of Ranong and Chumporn More details of this national park: Tel: 077-848181
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The atrraction

Gomasum or Uang Ngoen Luang ( Dendrobium formosum Roxb ex Lindl. ) It is an orchid which is similar to Cathalia Orchid . Gomasum is provincial flower . It has big white sepals and petals , white lip with yellow blotch with its delicately fragrant and bloom many days last . The blooming season is from October to December. It can be easily found in moist forest , especially at Nam Tok Ngao National Park .

Poo Chao Fa
( Phricotelphusa sirindhorn Naiyanete ) , the common name is panda crab , a new kind of crab in the world first found in Ngao Waterfall , is unique , and unlike any kinds of fresh water crab, namely its shell and claws are white, and its lip, two eyes - sockets and eight legs are dark purple