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Tam Phra Khayang (Cave)

The former name of this cave is Tam Khao Yang . It is located in a mountain range in Tambon Lam Leang, 18 kilometer off from Amphoe Kra buri admmission office follow the Petchkasem Road ( Ranong – Chumporn ) turn left at Km. 563 – 564 , then go further about 1 kilometer .

Although Tam Phra Kayang is small , this cave is related to a legend of the establishment of Kra buri district . Some 40 meters deep inside, a staircase leads upward and further outside the cave to where some rare herbs are believed to have been grown . To visit this cave , you should prepare candle or torch with you . The atmosphere in the cave is quite humid , a lot of bats inhabit here. Moreover, in the Chinese New year period of every year, the festival has been arranged annually for 3-7 days each time . Thai’s festival let people to pay the respect to holies and seeing the marvelous ness of this cave include the herbs upon the hill.