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Ton Phet Waterfall

It located at Moo 4 Tambon Ratchakrut, 29 kn. Far from Muang Ranong district on the Ranong – Pang - Nga route . Turn left at Km. 641 into a dirt road with a direction sign to the Ranong boyscout Camp for 2 km. and another 1.5 km. walk will lead to NamTok Ton Phet This large waterfall has 11 levels . Each level of falls beautifully cascades down overhanging rock. There are water cascades all year round. Surrounded by moist evergreen forest with Ranong’s hightest Phota Chong Dong Mountains range being the source of water. If tourist would like to visit Namtok Ton Phet , they can contact villagers in the area to be the guide.