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There are 3 outstanding beaches on Koh Payam as follow each beach are uniquely beautiful and important

    1. Aow Mae Mai

    2. Aow Khao Kwai

    3. Aow Yai

Besides three significant beaches above , there are more beach on Koh Payam such as Aow Hin Kao, Aow Pai, Aow Muk , Aow Kai Tao, Aow Lek, Aow Chao lae, Aow Kor

Mae Mai Beach Payam island

   Aow Mae Mai is located on the east of koh Payam . The beach is 400 meters length . It is the main community and there are more population than other beaches it consist of the pier , village administrative office , little shops and vendor , Wat Koh Payam , police station , headman of Tambon’s office and school . In the area of Aow Mae Mai besides the beautiful beach and the long- laid bridge The right side when you face to the sea. There is the place that the visitor like to take the picture of the ancient ship - wreck. And the pristine mangrove forest you can see the fish swim upstream and many sand crab on the beach. Moreover, the villagers  there work together to help to grow more mangrove forest for the more perfect mangrove forest . There are the bungalow restaurant and bar available at this beach

Khao Kwai Beach Payam island

   Aow Khao Kwai is located on the northwest of koh Payam the shape of this bay it’s the curve to meet together there are the hill rock in the middle of the bay . The beach is 3 kilometers length there are the spot for watching the sunset . this bay has white fine sand when there is the low tide we can see the beach that reveal more beach area . when you like to swim it should be in the high tide,  in one day there are 2 time high tide moreover, Aow Kao kwai has the that near the Moken village that is the good nursery of little shrimp seashell crab and fish . We regard Aow Khao kwai as one of the most natural beautiful place . If  traveler interest in stay at this beach , they can find the bungalows, restaurants and bar.

Yai Beach Payam island

   Aow Yai located on southwest of Koh Phangan . This beach is about 3.5 kilometers length . Itís very popular for the foreign travelers to go sunbathing there . We can swim at this beach almost of the whole day, it doesnít depend on the tide. And we can watch scenery of the sun slipping in the sea at this beach as well. When we put the scene of Koh Sao Thong in the sunset picture, it will be one of the marvelous pictures . At this beach , itís quite windy then itís suitable for Wind surfing or Kite surfing. Various bungalow , restaurant and bar spread on this beach . Aow Yai is one of the most popular beaches of Koh Payam , especially in the period November Ė April .

  Comment: Aow = Beach, Bay.