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Dive Site at Payam Island

There are the rich and beautiful coral which is near to the diving site that best well known of the world such as Surin islands, Richelieu Rock , Burma bank of Myanmar you can contact
A One Diving Shop (www.a-one-diving.com)
Phayam Lodge (www.phayamlodge.com)
to arrange the diving.

What is the name dive site ?
1. Clara island
2. Kan Za Gy
3. Pu Tika
4. Colona Rock
5. Northern twins
6. Rocky island
7. Stewart island
8. Faraway Banks (on the way to the Burma Banks)
9. C¨pola
10. Surin islands
11. Richelieu Rock
12. Koh Tachai
13. Koh Bon
14. Similan islands
15. Koh Kang Kaw(Bat Island)
16. Koh Kam

There are the perfect place for snorkeling about 4-5spots around Koh Payam . It takes 4-5 hours to visit them. The price for the boat start from 1500 THB. The Snokring site  at Payam Island  at Aow Kwang  Peeb, Leam Rung ,Aow kyu etc. If you would like to snorkeling please contact your hotels. other place for snorkeling is Koh Kang Khaw (15.) which is perfect place although some part has been ruined by Tsunami , It’s quite far, takes time to go there about nearly 1 hour by boat, The cost of private boat to go there star from 2000 THB.
*** The time and price above  apply for long tail boat. ***
Please, See where the snorkeling site in Map menu.