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Bamboo Bungalows
Phayam Cabana
Address: Kao Kwai Bach,Moung, Ranong Province 85000 Thailand.
Tel : +66(0)77-870-200
Fax : No
Mobile Phone : +66(0)895268229,+66(0)860231304
Email: info@payamcabana.com
Welcome to Payam Cabana Feel like discovering one of the last paradises on earth? Our bungalow village is located at the Au Kao Kwai, Koh Payam's most beautiful white beach..

We have thai food and European food, the restaurant is decorated and designed in the open-air style ,you can take a views of the beach also,

Activity And Service
Our facility provides over ten thousand square meters - 80 m beachline - on which you can play beach volleyball, soccer and frisbee or just enjoy the view of the beautiful bay in our restaurant.

Our prices vary from 500 to 600 Baht, depending on the distance to the beach. All bungalows are built in the same style shown above.