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Bamboo Bungalows
Silver Sand Phayam Resort
Address: 31/8 Moo 1 Moung, Ranong Province 85000 Thailand.
Tel : +66(0)77870194
Fax : No
Mobile Phone : +66(0)817101098
Email: silversand_payam@yahoo.co.th
On area about 20 rai (32000 Sqm) at Aow yai beach, the right side is the river and the back side is the forest and the hill. You can touch the good natural ,good atmosphere on the evening time when the sunrise. And you can get full out service mind Thailand.

We have many interesting seafood on our island. Most of people on Payam Island like to eat Angkoey Fish which is very delicious. It cost about 100-120 Baht. It has a good taste more than prawn. All the tourists can find a fresh seafood just everyday. It has a hard windy and big wave during a monsoon season. The islanders are waiting for catching alive fishes on the beach. We have a good atmosphere for having food both of indoor and outdoor for your choice. .

Activity And Service
 We have many interesting activities for all travailers especially snokelling is the most favorite of our guests. The travialers can enjoy our activiteis such as Fishing, Yoka, Site Seeing Cachew Nuts and Sataw Garden includig sport on the beach and water sport, Fishing and Restaurent.

Most of travailers like to stay on our island for many weeks or more than a month. We have common areas for all activities. A small library, Sattlelite TV, Internet, indoor and outdoor sports and activities including Games for childrend and adults are ready to serve all guests.
The room rate about 800 Baht/Night. .