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How to go Koh Payam

1. Bangkok – Ranong
  1.1 Personal Car From Bangkok taking the road Phutthamonthon – Nakorn Pathom – Phetchaburi route or the Highway ( No.35 ) Thonburi – Pak Tho When turning at Pak Tho continue to the highway no.4 Phetkasem road until reach the Pathomporn intersection in Chumporn turn right at this intersection next city is Ranong . Total distance from Bangkok to Ranong is 568 kilometers.
  1.2 Bus Both air- conditioned and ordinary bus run from Bangkok to Ranong everyday organized by The Transport Co., Ltd.. You can ask for more information at the southern Bus terminal tel 02-7938111 Ranong Bus terminal 077-811548 or visit www.transport.co.th for more details. Moreover, there are privately run bus companies such as
    A. Chok Anan Tour : Tel no. BKK 02-4357429 , 02-4330723, 02-435-5027 Ranong Office 077-811337, 077-812128
    B. New Nit Tour : 02-2816939, 02-2816949 Ranong office 077-811150 , 077 – 811140
    C. Sombat Tour : BKK 02-792-1444 , Ranong 077-826425
The journey from Bangkok to Ranong take about 8-9 hours The ticket for VIP bus( 24 seats ) cost about 670 THB
  1.3 Train : No train directly from Bangkok to ranong . When you would like to catch the train you can take the train to Chumphon first ( more details Tel 1690 or 02-2204334 or www.railway.co.th Then you can take a bus or minibus from Chumphon to Ranong ( approximately 2 hours ride ) the total distance from Chumphon to Ranong is about 122 Kilometers The tickets cost 120 -200 THB . The bus leaves from Chumphon every hour .
  1.4 Plane
There are two company to operate fightThe cost is bout 2000-2800 baht and You can see detail at www.nokair.com
Transport Airport <-------> payam island pier 200-250 baht / person/way
Mr.gong 089-8725133
Ponplace 077-823-344

2. Chumphon – Ranong
There are the bus and mini bus from Chumphon to Ranong. The distance between these 2 provinces is 122 kilometers . The ticket cost 120-200 THB it takes 2.30 hrs. drive.
3. Surat Thani – Ranong
The Bus (from Tarad Kaset1) or min bus (from Tarad Kaset2)from Surat Thani town to Ranong available. The distance is 193 Kilometers. The ticket cost 150-250 THB. It takes 3.30 hours.
4. Phuket – Ranong
1. You can take the bus from Phuket bus terminal. The bus leaves at 08.10, 11.50, 14.00. You can buy the ticket at bus terminal It takes 5-6 hours.
5. Ranong – Koh Payam pier
When you arrive Ranong, then you can take the motorbike taxi to catch the boat from Payam pier the cost for motorbike taxi is about 80 THB and the “ Song Thaew”(taxi) is available as well. The cost is 15-50 THB
It takes 20-30 minutes.
At the Payam pier.
There are the boat as follow
- Slow boat leaves 09.30 , 14.00 (Tes-sa-ban Pier) and 10.00 (Tai-KAK Pier)
  it takes time   2.00 hours.   The Ticket cost 200 THB
 - Speed boat There are 3 company operate speedboat ,time table: Departure 7.00 - 5.30 (about 10 time/day)it can be change every day:
it takes time just 45 minutes The ticket cost 350 THB
This boat available in the period October – May only
Khun Kong : 089-872-5133 (Shan Xi Parking Car Service)
Khun Vi: 087-277-7177 (Baan-Lung-Gnoh Parking Car Service)
Company A. Nava Anda Pier 081,xxx,xxxx
Company B. Khun Pod (Tes-sa-ban pier) 081-270-4801
Company C. Khun xxx (Tes-sa-ban pier) 081,xxx,xxxx
    Once you arrive koh Payam you can take the motorbike taxi to your accommodation the price range 50-100 THB (On this island has only motorbike no taxi car.)
*** No ATM machine on Payam Island, you must to prepare enough money to use but you can get money for your credit card but 5 % charge ***