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Payam Island Weather

The weather of Koh Payam
You can travel to Koh Payam trough the year but the best time to visit there is November to April. Ranong is believed for the province that having the most rainfall of Thailand or the nick name of Ranong is the city “ Fon Pad Dad Si “ that means this Province has very long rainy season. Because of it located west of Thailand and it’s near the Andaman sea so it has impact from southwest monsoon. But , in fact Ranong has no record which indicate it is the province of the most rainfall of Thailand . The season can be separated into 3 season as follow :
1. Summer season in February – April
2. Rainy season in May – October The average temperature about
    20.70 – 35.60 C
3. Winter season in Noverber - January the temperature is getting low to           about 19.80 – 34.70 C

Payam Island Weather