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When you like to travel to Andaman coast, you maybe worry about Tsunami. Firstly, we have to understand about the Tsunami that it is one of natural phenomenon that make ripple cause of the displacement of water from the lake or ocean from one place to another place rapidly. .

The factors of Tsunami as follow: .
1. Volcanic eruptions (in ocean)


2. Submarine earthquake
Tsumani  at Koh Phayam

3. Impact event
Tsumani  at Koh Phayam

About the security of traveling to Koh Phayam .
You can be surely harmless from Tsunami because of the reason as follow :
1. Broadcasting
When the Tsunami happens we can know the news from the place that Tsunami starts, for example Indonesia . However the speed of Tsunami is very fast, it takes time to reach Thailand at least 6-10 hours. We can be broadcasted from CNN , BBC that we can prepare to transfer people and the necessary thing to the safe place.
2. The Tsunami Warning System
The Tsunami Warning System in the Thai territorial waters in the Andaman coast has Tsunami Warning System when the Tsunami happens we will be alarmed by the system.
3. The hill under water.
In the sea near Ao Yai of Koh Phayam there are the line of hill under the water. The line is 10 kilometers width ( data from : Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the survey for planting fake coral project ) that the hill line under water is like the barrier to against the Tsunami . That makes you not worry even you are sleeping .

The damage caused by Tsunami 26 December 2004 on Koh Phayam : The damage level is few that effect to bungalow, house, boat,the land change its status etc. but no death of people.